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Im just getting things around and i promise i will provide those art trades/gifts that i promised! thank you everyone for your patience!!
I'm back! Finally I'm sorry for the delay guys. Still having back problems!
I'm at the drs right now so I'll see what happens!
I have your guys art trades and gifts!!!
Will be uploaded latest this weekend
I love you all! You guys are amazing!
I injured my back yesterday at work & im really hurting :(
I had to go to the ER & they said it was a strained back and torn ligament. So I'm resting.. I may not be able to go back to work until Tuesday. But I'm hoping tomorrow.
My job is a lot of physical labor and with my asshole co worker decided to quit without any 2 week notice & I had to cover her shit on top of my own & my back suffered for it.

I am still doing the art trades! I will be done shortl. Thank you all for your patience.
I really like being on this site & the friends I've made help me to keep going so I thank each and every one of you who talk to me :)
I'm sorry y'all I've been so busy! ;o;
I haven't forgotten about you guys or the art gifts/trades I'm doing.
I've been so freaken busy with work! And a co-worker I've had to cover for.
;o; I promise I'll be more active soon! Love you guys!
My friend is doing a raffle and you could win a free willow ^.^
Check it out here! ❤❤❤❤❤❤…
Grahh! I'm still busy sorry guys!
Will be back soon!
Work is kicking my butt today I'll tell y'all about it later after work.
I'm exhausted xD
Anyways Happy Friday!
Sorry I've been really busy with work and haven't been able to chat for a couple days.
I'll be back soon! Well I mean, tomorrow night lol
Omg :iconzerasvee: is spamming me with pics of Cho Hakkai ❤❤❤ because he's hawt and awesome!
omg omg omg squeeeeeeee!
Cho Hakkaiiiii! She's gonna draw him for me! Just like :iconkoopaboo: did and :iconaphrodites-tears: did too! I'm supah happy!
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I don't mean to forget anyone! I'm still working on some art trades & gifts. But I didn't forget anyone.
I wasnt alerted of :iconashleykitten4: 's comments and I freaked out. I'm sorry >o< I have no idea why it didn't tell me.
DA must not like me!
I'm really tired today ;o;
anyone else tired as well?
And my house is freezing literally
I really hate getting harassed at work.
And the arrogant workers locking me out of the office & not letting me in.
I'm just really tired of them calling me names and such.
If my boss won't do anything I'll look for another job.
Today has been one hell of a shitty day.
And I see there's nothing in the fridge to eat. Please spare me the "the kids are starving in africa" I know that. And I'm empathic towards them. Nobody really understands someone else's situation until they have to deal with it themselves.
Today really has sucked..
I don't deserve to be called stupid and all kinds of names. I told my supervisor and the supervisor above him so something better be done or I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice. Telling me to "get the fuck out because your ass itches" and "you're a fucking retard" and things like that aren't something you should be saying to a girl if you're all middle-aged guys.
Just saying.
I think I'll make adoptables tonight to keep my mind busy. I'm so sick of life.
Follow the instructions by going here!
It's okay if you don't have a tumblr…
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I'm really stressed out and I need to talk to someone anyone online?

I'll reply if I'm not at work..
  • Watching: Grave Secrets
Why am I anxious? Read my last journal entry.
And the damn phone rang at 9am to remind me supposedly of a dr appointment at 8am next Monday?! Uh... I don't have an appointment for 6 months. I was just there two weeks ago.
Someone else not doing their job!
So I was woken up early and I'm exhausted!
Do your job people! And I wasn't offered any apology for the confusion or anything.  Or disturbing me so damned early.
I think my sugar is low... brb
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Ok so I had to call our internet provider  bc our wifi wasn't working right for two days it acted up. So I called and talked to someone the first guy I couldn't understand him. And he was rude to me.
So i politely hung up & called again and got someone else who was polite and took time with me to walk me though the steps to fix it.
So I eventually got it and it's working good. I would have Internet withdrawal! Lol
But really my grandma needs the internet bc she plays bingo and computer games to relax.
I need wifi to come here!!
Haha but really, now I have some art to upload. I'm going to draw to calm tf down.. it stresses me out being on the phone with customer service who I can't understand.
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Goooo here and follow the instructions and you could win points!
It's really easy~ just go there and read the journal and do as said. ^^ it's worth a chance!
Ok so I googled what the hell a Kiriban is & I just don't understand. What is it?
Like someone would post kiriban at 300k or something
Idk what it means
And I googled it and the only thing I understood was a Japanese word that's it...
Can someone please explain to me what the hell it is? Thankssss

And work sucked today
And I got on Fb and had a panic attack
I hate Facebook!! Too much drama
I don't feel like working both jobs today!
And I better not have to cover for my co worker again today like I had to last night.
Just get a new co worker & they're pulling the same shit as the last ones did & make up excuses why they can't work.
So she can get a ride to her other job but not this one? I know the work sucks but DEAL WITH IT!
I have to.

Ok I'm going to my other job.
Don't wanna..
And! Please send get well wishes to my best friend :iconzerasvee: she's really sick :(
Art tonight!! love you gais
Have an awesome day with love and candy and stuff like that!

And thank you everyone who favs, watches and comments me!!

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